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Concrete Batching Control System


● Products :Concrete Batching Control System

● Type :Productos

● Brand :HAMAC

● Origin :China

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Product Introduction
Concrete Batching Control System uses an intuitive approach that makes it quick and simple for the operator to learn. Having a complete diagram of your plant on-screen allows you to follow all the different steps of your plant's operation. Also, the complete manual operation of your plant is done via mouse or touch-screen.
Benefits & Features
A. Software Characteristic
The control program is developed by ourselves according to requirements of concrete performance, and adhered to practical situation of production process, with all kinds of function.
1. Batching process and parameter are displayed on the same interface, and can be modified online.
2. Freely setup the a mounts of storage prescription. You can choose several prescriptions at the same time, shift them freely and modify the data online.
3. Adopt the technology of double speed feeding and automatic fall compensation so as to ensure weighing precision of each batch.
4. The parameter such as rate of water content, interval between door opening and closing, can be modified online.
5. The system can inspect main parameters intelligently, so it will prevent some mistakes caused by mistake input.
6. There is double-computer and double-control mode, so you can choose any control.
7. The system has perfect functions of data finding and printing.

B.Hardware Characteristic
1. The electric parts we choose are famous international brand Schneider/Siemens, with high quality and reliable performance.
2. The industry control computer and A/D card  have good performance with environment, which can ensure safety in production.
3. The imported sensor and meter have a reliable performance on inputting and dealing with data. Meanwhile, it is to operate them and safe to use.
4. The console is designed elaborately which suits body structure, so you would feel comfortable and happy during work.
5. Excellent protection makes maintenance and debugging easy and safe operation.

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2. Garantía de un año a excepción de las piezas vulnerables.

3. Servicio de mantenimiento de por vida;

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7. Suministrar todo tipo de repuestos;

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