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Arquitectura de la grúa sobre orugas
Publication Date: 2017-05-08

(crawler crane), is a kind of self-propelled cranes for high-rise building construction.Is a kind of make use of the crawler walking movable arm rotating crane.Large crawler grounding area, through the good, strong adaptability, can walk on load, applicable to the construction site hoisting operation.For digging, rammed earth and pile driving operations.But because of the walking speed is slow, need other vehicles carrying transfer site
Crawler crane by power device, working mechanism and movable arm, turntable, chassis, etc.
1) movable arm
For assembling section truss structure, after adjustment for changing the length, the bottom hinge is installed in the front of the turret, apex with a range of wire rope pulley block suspension bearing, can change its Angle.
There are at the top of the movable arm mounted pair of arm, deputy arm and movable arm with a certain Angle.Have master, pair of two winding hoist system, main winding system for movable arm hanging heavy, vice winding systems for jib crane.
(2) the turntable
Through rotary bearing installed on the chassis, can pass all the weight of the turntable on the chassis, on which a power device, a transmission system, hoist, operating mechanism, balance weight and hangar, etc.Power plant through the slewing mechanism can make the 360 ° rotating turntable.Rotary bearing by upper and lower roll plate and the intervening rolling (ball, roller), full weight on the turntable can be passed to the chassis, and ensure the freedom of the turntable rotation.
(3) chassis
Including the walking mechanism and walking device: the former made crane to walk around and turn around;The latter consists of crawler frame, driving wheel, guide wheel, roller, sprocket and track wheel, etc.Power plant, horizontal axis and vertical axis through chain transmission driving wheel rotation, thus promote guide wheel and the roller, make the machine rolling along the tracks and walking.

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crawler crane,working mechanism ,movable arm,chassis
Crawler crane by power device, working mechanism and movable arm, turntable, chassis, etc.

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