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How to arrange the concrete mixing station staff
Publication Date: 2017-05-08

     Concrete mixing station is a relatively large engineering, control its staff is also more and more. Each staff member is like a tiny screw, firmly in control of the concrete mixing station, it strict and orderly production of concrete. Specifically a concrete mixing stations are a few staff, and these staff members how to arrange the work in concrete mixing station above,RP engineering equipment to you today to explain in detail.
     Staff throughout the concrete mixing station is like an Egyptian pyramid, concrete mixing station is the top of the pyramid, the main controls the entire concrete mixing station run operation. Below is run by the inspector and the inspector checks squad,, checks are not quantitative but also concrete mixing station produced ingredients than to ensure that qualified products. Staff arrange day squad by running operations staff concrete mixing station, the whole operation is mixing station with mechanical heads, mixing console responsible person, the person in charge pump, forklift responsible person, electrician. This is the entire staff of the concrete mixing station pyramid.
     Each staff member is essential, less quality inspector, you check out the quality standards of the concrete. A small forklift responsible person, you can not provide raw materials to the ingredients warehouse. Control the organization of work of each staff member, will be able to bring the best products.

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Entire mixing station staff are there to operate machinery responsible person, person in charge of mixing console, pump heads, forklifts responsible person, electrician. This is the entire staff of the concrete mixing station pyramid.

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