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Teach you how to choose and buy second-hand loader
Publication Date: 2017-05-08

    First of all, for pavement construction and large mines, with a long cycle because of heavy workload, work, work environment is spacious, with matching transport machinery are in more than 10 tons, then should select 5 tons or 6 tons dead weight loader, which can improve working efficiency, reduce the construction cost.950/951 like RP heavy industries, 50 e - 1, 5 tons loaders can meet the requirements, is particularly worth mentioning here is the company's recent new nuggets of 60, with the rise of super power and large bucket capacity, very practical for coal mines and ports, is according to the specific market needs and develop a new product.For production is relatively small, such as earth, river sand can choose 3 tons or commonly 4 tons weight products, for work very small, like a small individual sand field, form a complete set of vehicles for small tractors, generally can choose 1.5 tons or the following products in order to avoid excess loader operation ability, thus achieve the goal of economical and practical.Here is going to recommend to you RP heavy industry 931 a, 30 e - 1 and the ZL15 loader, and recommend to you the key 931 a loader, the loader parts generalization degree is higher, therefore maintenance rise more convenient also.
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    2, according to the operation condition to determine the corresponding speed loader In larger ore density, solid density of the original soil or smaller loose materials such as soil, such as coke, due to the different operating mode, the loader choice also has bigger difference.For the solid density of the original soil and mineral materials, due to the traction force (insert) the demand is higher, should choose low working speed, digging up force and pulling force are larger products to ensure the normal use.RP heavy industry ZL50E - 1 loader using the stretched frame and long wheelbase to decorate, body structure is stable, dig up force and tilting load for now is the largest, in the same industry is bigger than the general factory 1 tons, especially suitable for relatively hard conditions.Because of the loose material of loader traction force (insert) requirements is not high, can choose driving problems higher products in order to obtain high work efficiency.In view of the bulk material, the vehicle speed, high efficiency, is your ideal choice for the above conditions.

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Teach you how to choose and buy second-hand loader, RP equipment company specializing in the supply of second-hand loader.

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